Welcome.... If you are one the millions seeking a more natural approach to good physical and mental health you have come to the right place. In addition to providing you with conventional medical services we are also a licensed provider for the Member Share Network, a multi-thousand member assembly of families and professionals that have joined together to share in leading edge natural health care concepts. While we provide our conventional services to the general public, natural health services are limited to registered members of the network and you must register here if you wish to receive these alternative services. Membership is free and is the right choice if you prefer a more natural approach to good health. See our Disclaimer at the bottom for more information.

Functional Wellness deals with the proper function of the human body. Most health problems are caused by imbalances in the body which lead to improper function. Our clinic specializes in doing extensive testing to determine what imbalances you might have and then recommending customized natural treatments to bring your body back into balance, which then restores normal function. Once normal function is restored, your body starts to work at it's optimal state, which brings you back to health... naturally.

Dr. J. Murray Hockings, D.C. provides help for Diabetes, Heart conditions and Weight Loss around the United States.

In most cases, once your body is back in balance, your primary doctor will be able to take you off some or all of your current medications... because you won't need them any longer. Imagine what your life will be like when you are taking minimal medications or none at all?

We look forward to helping you restore balance back in your body.

Notice: Dr. J. Murray Hockings is state licensed by the California Chiropractic board to provide conventional health care services and is also licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to provide natural health services and therapies to registered members of the Member Share Network. Conventional and pastoral services are completely separate services and each is provided in strict compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the separate licensing agencies. If you wish to receive natural health services you must first register. Member registration is free and may be completed on-line here. Note that if you have a complaint on our services you must direct complaints to the appropriate licensing board. For complaints regarding any state licensed services contact the Chiropractic board. Complaints regarding natural health services must be directed to the Pastoral Medical Association.

Helping Patients with

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Weight Loss


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